The women's team of the Sabah FC has come a very long way creating a very historic moment as well for themselves. They have competed in various competitions held within the nation, have had various friendly matches with the overseas team and some of the women players have been promoted to represent Malaysia’s national football team to compete in international competition.

The Sabahan Women’s were greatly recognised as one of the most undefeated teams during the 90’s where they have been gaining the champion title for the Tun Sharifah Rodziah cup for 8 consecutive years in 1991 - 1998. Aside from that, they have also gained the first position for the most champion and best performance ranks by club orders of the Tun Sharifah Rodziah Cup since 1976 till this very day. They have gained 11 Championship and 4 runners up titles followed by Singapore and Johor.

The women of the football club in Sabah are greatly skilled where most of the players have been elected and promoted to represent and play for the Malaysia’s National Football Team. Due to such historic and dynamic women players of the past, the team believes that through teamwork and cooperation between the players and the backroom staff, Sabah can restore its past football fortunes and bring back the good old days of Sabah's women football at national level.

Championship and Runner Ups

Year Champion / 1st Runner-up
1984 Johor/Sabah
1985 Selangor/Sabah
1986 Johor/Selangor
1987 Johor/Sabah
1988 Sabah/Johor
1989 Johor/Sabah
1991 Sabah/Johor
1992 Sabah/Perak
1993 Sabah/Negeri Sembilan
1994 Sabah/PDRM
1995 Sabah/Kuala Lumpur
1996 Sabah/Kuala Lumpur
1997 Sabah/Kuala Lumpur
1998 Sabah/PDRM
1999 PDRM/Kuala Lumpur
2000 PDRM/Sabah
2002 PDRM/Sabah
2003 Sabah/PDRM
2004 Sabah/PDRM

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